Practice Areas

Retirement Plan Selection

We assist you in determining the best retirement plan for you and your organization. There are many options for saving for retirement, and the options are routinely changed by revisions in the law. We have experience in determining what will work best for you and keeping you aware of changes that may benefit you.

Retirement Plan Design and Preparation

We design and prepare retirement plan documents. There are many ways to design a retirement plan.  Plan design will have a significant impact on the costs to you and the benefits to your employees.  Some of the more important design issues include eligibility to participate, vesting, forfeitures, in–service distributions, and contributions to the plan.  For example, employer contributions to the plan can be more heavily-weighted to certain employees rather than providing the same benefit to all employees. It is not unusual to have 80% to 90% of the employer contributions be allocated to owners and other key employees.

Benefits “Check-Up”

We can review all of your benefit programs. The purpose of a benefits’ “check-up” is to review all benefits (e.g., retirement, health) offered to employees to make sure benefits are: 1) Consistent with organizational goals, 2) Appropriately coordinated, 3) Compliant with regulatory requirements, and 4) Effectively utilized.

Qualification Testing and Maintenance of the Plan (TPA Services)

We provide administrative services for retirement plans. Retirement plans are subject to significant governmental regulations.  In order to stay compliant with the laws, the plans should be tested annually and reviewed to ascertain their compliance with regulations and the plan’s document.  Qualification testing would include, but not be limited to ADP testing, ACP testing, annual additions, deductions and the proper allocation of contributions. We are uniquely qualified for this work because we prepare the legal plan document and then we are able to administer the plan for you as well.


We help employers when something goes wrong with the benefit plan document or with the administration of the plan. The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor have an assortment of programs to correct errors. The IRS permits employers to self-correct some errors without penalty and without notifying the IRS. The DOL has amnesty programs that significantly reduce a penalty by voluntarily disclosing the error to them. We have the knowledge and experience to determine which program is correct for you and determining your best course of action.

Annual 5500 Reporting

We prepare and file the Form 5500. Plan administrators are generally required to electronically file a Form 5500 with the U.S Department of Labor for its retirement plans as well as large welfare plans.  Failure to file the 5500 timely and/or accurately can expose the plan administrator to significant penalties and increase the risk of audit.  Our extensive experience in preparing 5500s and working with the governmental agencies will help ensure that your exposure to audit is minimized.

Cafeteria Plans

We design and prepare cafeteria plans. Cafeteria plans provide payroll tax savings for employers and income and payroll tax savings for employees.  We can help you assess the pros and cons of a cafeteria plan, and, if applicable, prepare the documents and forms necessary to carry a cafeteria plan.  After your plan is in place, we will help with the testing and maintenance of the plan as necessary.

Deferred Compensation Plans

We prepare deferred compensation plans for key employees. These plans are targeted to provide additional deferred compensation to the key employees who are responsible for making their employer more profitable. Our special knowledge in this area will help you avoid the pitfalls associated with these plans.

Affordable Care Act

We are available to assist with the many questions and concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA).